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Shutterbug, Timmy Time Fuli | Jelly Otter | Harry | Skeebo | Rapide | Prince James | Do-Gooder Navigation and Actions. The Lion Guard In the episode The Rise of Makuu, Zuri along with Tiifu joins Kiara when she, her family, The Lion Guard and several other animals, watch the mashindano between crocodiles Makuu and Pua, which Makuu wins. Goliath | Zakiya Demi | She, along with Zuri, is a friend of Simba and Nala's daughter, Kiara. Elsie, The Koala Brothers Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed Tiifu went to go get Simba while Kiara stayed and watch. Zuri and Tiifu are besties. Mitzi | An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Baileywick | There he was, the famed leader of the Lion Guard! In the episode "Can't Wait to Be Queen", Tiifu and Zuri acts as Kiara's advisers when she becomes Queen Regent whilst Simba and Nala are away attending a funeral. Kip | Adom Member of the Pridelanders Tiifu looks on happily as Kiara is hugged by her relived parents. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. She is a major character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and a recurring character in The Lion Guard. In the episode "Fuli's New Family", Tiifu alongside Kiara and Zuri are taught how to track gazelles by Nala in preparation for Kiara's first hunt. I bit my lip to stiffle a whimper when Kion lowered himself and began giving me gentle licks to the side of my muzzle, the feel of his tongue carassing my cream-colored fur sent shivers down my fur. Princess Isabel | Kindly Lady, Stanley The handsome male Lion with his lush amber-red mane while his smooth orange fur concealed … lion king metal prints. She is rather curious, going so far as to ask questions, even after being warned against doing so. Lucinda | Her stomach, muzzle, and paws are a pale cream. Queen Miranda | Special Agent Wolfie | Kion using the roar to defeat the hyenas. thelionguard thelionking tlk zuri lion kion tlg lionking kiara. Alice | Tiana | In the episode "The Rise of Makuu", Tiifu is seen with Kiara, Zuri, Simba, Nala, Kion, The Lion Guard and several other animals watching Makuu and Pua fighting for leadership of the crocodiles, to which Makuu wins (due to being younger and stronger than Pua). Kiara, Zuri, Simba, Nala, Kion, The Lion Guard, Timon, Pumbaa, other members of her pride Snow White | She is first seen with Kiara watching Zuri trying to free her claw from a tree truck (after constantly sharpening her claws on every tree they went past in order to keep her claws shiny) whilst the trio where on their way to track gazelles. Therefore she declines the role of Queen Dhahabu's permanent royal guard and stays by Kiara's side. Skully | Princess Amber | Jade | Kakena is Tiffu's deceased mother as she was none to be the huntress of the pride as she was none to be very fast and knew which to hunt as her sister was none to be very jealous and later killed Kakena. The Lion King Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Sofia the First | Mateo | Like Kion, she has aged up during the series. kion, tiifu, jelous. Tiifu then takes part in dancing to Zuka Zama. Apricot | Penny | Special Agent Oso | After some failed attempts, the trio and the Guard work together and are able to build a bridge to cross. Marina | Peanut Otter | Aunt Tilly | Tiifu is a lion cub who is a member of the Pridelanders, a friend of Kiara and Zuri and a supporting character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and it's follow-up series The Lion Guard. The Lion King (2019): Simba (2019) | Nala (2019) | Timon (2019) | Pumbaa (2019) | Rafiki (2019) | Zazu (2019) | Mufasa (2019) | Sarabi (2019), Television Chrysta | Tunip | She played Princess 3 in The Cheetah Princess. The Lion Guard She loved being her guard for a day. Tiifu Zuri what's wrong? Aurora | Princess Vivian | In the end, she could never leave her alone, as she will be future Queen of the Pride Lands it has to be her job to help her be a good one. Kion and the Lion Guard arrive to help, to which Tiifu and Zuri happily oblige to wait. In the episode "Baboons! ", Tiifu and Zuri try to prepare Kiara to look nice for the Buffalo Wallow, which she is to open on Simba and Nala's behalf. Auset Tweak Bunny | June | Vampirina Hauntley | Hallie | Bucky | Beshte | Tiifu is shown to be slightly snarky, petulant, oppressive, cantankerous and domineering at times, especially when defending or showing loyalty towards her friend, Kiara. Lolly, JoJo's Circus Gloomius Maximus | Zuri is first mentioned (thought not by name) at the start of the film when Simba tells Kion that Kiara will be tracking gazelles with her and Tiifu. Auset is Tiffu's daughter as she has got her mother's eyes and her father's fur as she is best friends with Kiara's son Badru as she is very adventures just like Tiifu but tends to stay by her, Zuri They always like to have fun and laugh with each other. Leo Callisto, The Lion Guard Whirly Bird | Screwy | Calico Jack, Vampirina Sammy | The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Kiara | Kovu | Vitani When Kiara and Makini leave to help an elephant named Ma Tembo find water, Tiifu and Zuri, believing themselves to be Kiara's advisers, attempt to follow them. Gazelle Tracking Doc McStuffins | Osbourne | Lotta | Supporter ), Elena of Avalor JoJo Tickle | She played Lilac in Judy in Wonderland. Hamadi Muffin | Zuri: Our fur won't lay straight it's too hot and dry around here. Belle | Space Boy | lion king. No information Marv | Pocahontas | She tends to be laid back in dangerous situations, but can be serious when she needs to be. Cedric | Gabe | Izzy | She greatly enjoys hunting practice and is very enthusiastic about pleasing Nala, Kiara, or Kion and can be somewhat proprietorial and possessive over her friendship with Kiara. Binky Bevel | Archie | Stripey | Lion Guard Coloring PagesTiifu printable and free for kids and adults. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Rex | Whatnaught‎ | Friends/Allies George | Adom is the mate of Tiifu as she met him after he saved her from Zira and Vitani after she was tricked into thinking Kiara was in the caves after she and Kiara had a fallout, she later met Adom once again as she was on her way to Rani and Kion's wedding as she asked Adom if he wanted to come but he declined as his sister was getting married as well but agreed to visit her in the pride lands as he would later become Tiifu's mate. Kion | Migs, Luna, and Skylar | Peso Penguin | However, Kiara enlists them to help build a bridge to get to safety. Wayne | Disney The Lion Guard - Season 2: The Underground Adventure - Kion, Kiara, Bunga, Tiifu and Zuri must journey underground through aardvark tunnels to escape a fire. She played Joy in Nala's Nest (aka Charlotte's Web). Harriet | The Lion Guard (left to right), Beshte the strongest, Ono the keenest of sight, Fuli the fastest, and Bunga the bravest. Hey Ono do you see anything? Annie | Zuri calls herself Kiara's royal advisor. Clover | Dennis | Nrimala, The Octonauts Lamby | Skye | She has olive green eyes, a maroon nose and three, small, pink speckles on each cheek. Ono: Negative the calls are coming from inside Pride Rock. the lion guard. Tiifu, Kiara, Nala, Simba and Rafiki. However in the episode Baboons!, after becoming trapped on an island during a flood, she and Zuri with help from Kion and the Lion Guard, helped Kiara make a bridge to get to safety. Rapunzel | He is the son of Simba and Nala and the younger brother of Kiara. Olaf | Tiifu Kiara Kiara and Zuri are besties. By the time Tiifu returns with Simba, Nala and Rafiki, the hyenas have caused a stampede among the herd, trapping Kiara. Jasmine | Tiifu even calls herself Kiara's royal advisor. Suspicious, she sends Tiifu to get Simba. On the back of the book Can't Wait to be Queen, as well as a scene in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, Tiifu is shown to have small stripes on her legs in a slightly darker shade than her main fur color. In the Season 3 opener "Battle for the Pride Lands", Tiifu is among the many animals to watch the Lion Guard leave the Pride Lands to search for the Tree of Life in order to heal Kion and Ono, who had been injured during the final battle against Scar's spirit. She is one of Kiara's best friends. Hobby Luisa | Oxana Hauntley | Zakiya is Tiifu's aunt and Kakena's older sister as Zuri descried her as the most scariest lioness in the pride lands. Oona | Other Products. She played Dainelle in Nala and the Simba II: Kion's Adventure. Baliyo | In The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar, Tiifu is seen with Zuri, Kiara, Simba and Nala meeting Rafiki's apprentice Makini (who would be Royal Mjuzi when Kiara becomes queen). Komodo | Eubie | lion king stickers. After arriving at the Wallow, the Buffaloes's leader complements Kiara's appearance (as previous royals have been stuffy), to which Kiara credits her friends for making sure she looks her best. Charlie Sonner | All Product Tags. Francisco | lion guard metal prints. The tuft at the end of her tail is brown. Twinkle | Tiifu is a lioness who resides in the Pride Lands. Full Name lion guard. These stripes appear once again in Fuli's New Family, but are absent in all of the episode Can't Wait to be Queen. Her ear rims are a light chocolate brown, with scruffy pink inner ears. Buster | She is one of Kiara's best friends. When facing danger and trying to protect Dhahabu, she realizes, that her true loyalty lies with her best friend, Kiara. The Lion Guard: Lemons Over All! Tiifu and Zuri apologies to Kiara for not making look nice for the Wallow, but Kiara tells them that there's more important things than her appearance. Leo | Bridget | Josie | As seen in The Queen's Visit, Tiifu likes it very much to be in the presence of royalty. Princess Elena | Luckily, Kion and the Lion Guard are able to save Kiara and get her to safety. Professor Inkling Octopus | The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. Kion: Let's check it out come on. Simba then sends Tiifu and Kiara off to track gazelles whilst he talks with Kion. Pappy | Tiifu lion king masks. TheLastDisneyToon's TV Spoof of "Dora the Explorer". Look at us. Makuu | Goals No information Tiifu is a cream colored lioness with a small tuft of fur sticking up from her head. Special Agent Musa | Meanwhile, Kiara and her friends, Tiifu and Zuri, travel across the savanna. Tiifu assures Zuri that Timon and Pumbaa will be able to help her as Simba went through the same thing. She is one of Kiara's friends. Ruby Hanshaw | Occupation Tiifu alongside Zuri, is a friend of Kiara, Simba and Nala's daughter and the princess of Pride Lands. She is a lioness cub in the Pridelander pride led by King Simba and Queen Nala. Zuzo | Stanley Griff | the lion king. She played Trevor in Pokemon XY: The Series (Animal Style) Coo | No information Tiifu is a supporting character in the 2015 TV film, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard. She is first seen witnessing Zuri try to pry her claws out of a log. She admires Kiara and holds Kiara's title as future Queen in high regard. the lion king metal prints. Disney The Lion Guard The Underground Adventure S2 E25 6 Sep 2018 Whilst on an island, the trio become trapped when a flood happens. Tiifu is first mentioned (though not named) at the start of the film when Simba tells Kion that Kiara will be tracking gazelles with her friends that day. Miles Callisto | Tiifu feels jealous at seeing this, believing that Fulinis trying to become Kiara's new "bestie", whilst Zuri (who dislikes hunting) tells her that they should let Fuli hunt for them. | As a cub, he was assigned as leader of The Lion Guard and assembled a team of animals to protect the Pridelands. After Zuri is freed, Tiifu comforts her. KionXTiifu Part 2. Zuri is a member of the Pridelanders, a friend of Kiara and Tiifu, a minor character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and a recurring character in it's follow up series The Lion Guard.. Polina Polie | Phoebe Callisto | Gregoria | Tinker Bell | The idea of becoming a royal guard for the zebra queen, Dhahabu intrigues and excites her. Ned | The Lion Guard Found 24 Free The Lion Guard Drawing tutorials which can be drawn using Pencil, Market, Photoshop, Illustrator just follow step by step directions. Squeakers | She's a friend of Kiara.When tracking gazelles with Kiara and Tiifu witness hyenas attacking the gazelles. Naomi Turner | Kiara Safiri Kion X Tiifu Part 2. yingyangmaster. In this series (which takes place some time after the film), Tiifu continues to be friends with Kiara and Zuri. Help Tiifu: Help. Fuli is really jealous of Kion and tiifu she loves kion and tries to steal him away from tiifu meanwhile tiffu and lion are always together but not when kion is doing his lion guard duties yes Kion is older well a grown lion sadly kiara and kion's parents passed away Soren Lorenson, Little Einsteins Space Dog | Professor Buffo | Olie Polie | In "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar" she was going hunting with her friends and Zuri got her claw stuck in a tree. Rani | Enemies Though good natured, Tiifu can sometimes be snarky with others (mostly with Kiara's younger brother Kion when he doesn't take Kiara's duties seriously). Shellington Sea Otter | She later witnesses Bunga's announcement that Kion is to lead the next Lion Guard, and watches as he sings " Zuka Zama ". Suspicious of the vultures, Kion leads his team to ensure that the flock is not up to trouble. The Lion Guard Kiongozi “Kion” is the main protagonist of the Disney Junior series "The Lion Guard". Crackle | King Roland II | Lola Sonner | Hamadi is Tiifu's father as she fully respects him as he would get upset if Tiifu gets into trouble as he wants her to grow up and learn as he does want her to succeed in life but wants to see her to become like her mother, Kakena Tiifu is a Lioness cub in The Lion Guard But She is the Youngest cub in The Pride Lands.. The Lion King: Simba | Nala | Timon | Pumbaa | Rafiki | Zazu | Mufasa | Sarabi | Sarafina | Pridelanders She has olive green eyes, a maroon nose and three, small, pink speckles on each cheek.

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