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The figures come from the FBI’s 2013 Uniform Crime Report, which was released today.”, Important announcement from Drug Policy Alliance – New York Office, “The New York Police Department, which has been arresting tens of thousands of people a year for low-level marijuana possession, is poised to stop making such arrests and to issue tickets instead, according to law enforcement officials.”, “The measure passed, and California will now become the first state to defelonize nearly all accounts of drug possession with the intent of personal use”, RT @DPA_NY: Join us 6:30 pm tonight @BAJI for @drugwarmovie & discussion on drug war, mass incarceration, immigrant communities…, “…statistics are even worse in D.C., where blacks are arrested for marijuana possession nearly eight times as much as whites, despite blacks being 50 percent of the population and whites representing 41 percent.”. WATCH: Join millions who agree the Drug War has failed. Highly recommended. Great article about anti-marijuana propaganda… Just say NO!! New York City officials agreed on Tuesday to a plan that would eliminate the use of solitary confinement for all inmates age 21 and under, a move that would place Rikers Island at the forefront of national jail reform efforts. From the dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator, the inmate to the federal judge, the film offers a penetrating look inside America’s longest war, offering a definitive portrait and revealing its profound human rights implications. Because the administration views “finality” of sentences to be more important than justice. Check out Eugene’s article in The Guardian today. The referendum on Nov. 4 is part of a national reappraisal of mass incarceration. Armenians, @DrugWarMovie makes these points as well. Essential reading post-Ferguson (and pre-Ferguson), RT @WCUofPA: Fom the dealer to narcotics officer – @DrugWarMovie film showing tomorrow, 7:30pm, @SykesUnion Tomor... Drug Policy Alliance “Tomorrow is the big da... “In the last thirty years, prison spending i... Just 5 days left to pledge! and behavior but on the ways our institutions and policies advantage #YesOn91 #Oregon #YesOn71 #WashingtonDC #YesOn2 #Alaska #Florida #YesOn47 #California #NewJersey #Maine #Michigan #NewMexico #Guam #NoMoreDrugWar, Help end the War on Drugs this election day! to be legally designated white in order to gain citizenship. RT @CaseyNeistat: Julian Assange by hologram at the @Nantucketproj incredible technology, engaging conversation, RT @VanityFair: A Julian Assange hologram was beamed over to The Nantucket Project:, RT @Independent: Julian Assange escapes confines of the Ecuadorian Embassy* *sort of, RT @wikileaks: #Assange travels to US as hologram, The Huffington Post, France features Eugene Jarecki and Julian Assange, and their virtual “high five” Watch this video on why we need to end the War on Drugs: #SmarterSentencing, Documentary filmmaker Gabriel London writes about the need for more compassion within our criminal justice system to undo decades of harsh sentencing policies. Please like, share, and support. WATCH THIS “We have a system where outcomes are shaped much more by poverty than they are by innocence or guilt.” Senior Attorney Alicia D’Addario interviewed by ATTN: “According to a 2013 report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), there are approximately 3,278 prisoners serving life sentences without parole for nonviolent drug crimes. President Obama speaks on mandatory minimums, voter discrimination, and mass incarceration! Good article about the racism and disinformation involved with the history of marijuana prohibition. What a brilliant piece of film making. known as "Asiatic Turks," succeeded with the help of anthropologist He will be sorely missed by all who fight for sanity in this madness. By urging our elected officials to support the #SmarterSentencing Act we can begin to end mass incarceration caused by the failed drug war in the United States. After watching “The House I Live In” I want more than ever to help solved this huge problem. @MilanoFilmFest will feat. He argued that his skin was physically white and Puerto Rico joins 23 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and Guam after the governor signed an executive order on Sunday to authorize the use of medical marijuana! Great explanation of systemic racism in employment, housing, criminal justice, and immigration policy. RT @EugeneJarecki: Honored. This is huge news. RT @mdixon93: Just watched “The House I Live In” – very interesting documentary on the war on drugs in America. Powerful trailer. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. RT @ACLU_Mass: Free movie night: Quincy’s @prisonbookprog screens @DrugWarMovie on Friday, 3/21 #atlib, Russell Brand asks the UN to end the criminalisation of drug use Watch the Video Then tell Congress to ACT #S…, RT @Recovery2point0: Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs! BREAKING: President Obama just granted clemency to 46 men and women whose sentences didn’t fit their crimes. With 3 more years to go, can dismantling the drug war and ending mass incarceration be this President’s “defining legacy” ? Last week, presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders introduced the Justice Is Not for Sale Act, which would ban government contracts with private prisons. This is the right thing to do.” Gavin Newsome, Lt. Gov of CA. Interesting to learn about the prospects for industrial hemp in America… Did you know that our Constitution was written on hemp paper? Asian Indians were not legally white, even though science classified 2. Violence is the currency in an underground economic system that we as a society have created.” – The Baltimore Sun. This is an on going pattern and practice. Larry Hogan has decided to take $68 million that lawmakers set aside for schools and use it to shore up the state’s pension system instead — disappointing school officials in Baltimore and other large districts around the state.”, “Last month, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York unveiled a plan to decrease the population of the Rikers Island jail complex by reducing the backlog of cases in state courts. Last night, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin delivered his State of the State address, and every one of the 34 minutes was devoted to the issue of drug addiction. Today’s (Sunday, Sept. 13th) *MUST READ* blog entry from former Detroit investigative reporter/producer Vince Wade! Tonight @ 7pm in #Baltimore, IBW/The Institute of the Black World 21st Century is hosting a screening of “The House I Live In” which will feature an amazing panel discussion — come on down, it’s free and open to the public! Please support Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline! Last month, Browder hung himself. States are starting to move away from using solitary confinement in prison. Obviously Bill Murray is against the drug war because Bill Murray is awesome. #NoMoreDrugWar. Cuomo today (518) 474-8390 and urge him to support comprehensive medical marijuana legislation! Please sign this petition supporting the “Se... RT @PaperCityMovie: The Kickstarter is LIVE!! How prevalent a problem do you consider drugs in your own community and how would you support this view? Is The War On Sex Workers Like The War On Drugs? Today, Eugene Jarecki and Rodrigo Morganti visit San Patrignano, the legendary drug rehabilitation center outside Rimini, Italy. President Obama on Thursday said America’s decades-long war on drugs has been “unproductive” and that sending low-level narcotics offenders to prison tears apart families and leads to even more crime. RT @IndependentLens: Yet Another 12 Mind-Blowing Documentaries To Watch On Netflix, feat. The inspiring Professor Charles Ogletree writes: &... RT @DCTVny: Director @EugeneJarecki of @Peabody_Aw... Glenn Martin writes about the casualties of the dr... Sir Richard Branson urges you to support the Smart... RT @Peabody_Awards: . And why should It's a lack of opportunities, not natural differences, that's Let’s get this done! President Obama, a fan of the much-more-popular-after-it-ended HBO show The Wire, said he sees it playing a role in changing criminal justice policy in the U.S. “The war on drugs has failed in West Africa and around the world” – Kofi Annan. Help to provide relief and end the needless suffering of thousands of sick New Yorkers… Please sign this petition to help pass medical marijuana in New York. Bit of fun for your Monday……. The congressional push begins as President Obama and his Cabinet draw attention to the issue of mandatory sentences, particularly for nonviolent drug offenders. #SmarterSe…, RT @substancedotcom: The Drug-War “Beast” Is Vulnerable, Says Award-Winning Director Eugene Jarecki @DrugWarMovie, Have you sent a letter to Congress urging them to support the Smarter Sentencing Act? Thanks to Lori White for this! Change the laws. University of California, also appealed the rejection of his citizenship Last Week Tonight with John Oliver brings you the best commentary on the failed drug war, mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex since, well… The House I Live In — except this one involves a tad bit more humor #NoMoreDrugWar #SmarterSentencing, ICYMI: Very exciting news! Best video ever on why we need to end the War on Drugs: #SmarterSentencing. Fear of criminal prose... RT @DrugPolicyNews: Flag on the Play: Why the #Sto... RT @davidjb1988: Re-watching The House I Live In. RT @niallscullion: @rustyrockets just watched @DrugWarMovie ‘The House I live in’ on your recommendation. Louisiana has 429 prisoners serving life sentences for nonviolent crimes, the highest number of any state; 91 percent of them are black.” – The Daily Beast, “According to a new study from the Pew Charitable Trusts, illegal-drug use has risen, as has the number of inmates in federal prison on drug charges (a topic of the documentary “The House I Live In”). #NETFLIXHI5, RT @FordFoundation: Bravo to #BRITDOCImpact winners incl. RT @SentencingProj: RT @DrugWarMovie Just Say NOâ€... RT @JusticeColumbia: JUST SAY NO …to the War... RT @TonyNewmanDPA: No More Drug War! Marijuana has be... Today is the day! Norml Canada Norml Women’s Alliance of Canada The House I Live In Legalize Marijuana Sensible BC Marijuana Policy Project Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Vancouver Dispensary Society Pivot Legal Society Legalize Marijuana in Canada Legalize It? Our friend gabriel sayegh (of Drug Policy Alliance) talks to Democracy Now! It will enlighten you about the exploding prison population and exposes America’s dirty little secret. RT @davidjb1988: Re-watching The House I Live In. “, NYPD officer is cleared of all charges despite being ruled a homicide by New York City Medical Examiners. ... President Obama on marijuana: “My concern is... RT @tkriii: Panel discussion @TheWrightMuseum afte... We need to build momentum for this bill– Tel... More good news today– The Obama Administrati... BIG NEWS!! Thnx 2 everyone for sending letters to support #SmarterSentencing ht…, AMERICA JUST SAID NO! A review of Obama’s record on reforming our broken criminal justice system by Bill Keller. RT @boomhealthnyc: Last Chance to Pass Medical Marijuana in NY @Bronx_Advocacy @DPA_NY @VOCALNewYork @CompassionateNY @HarmReduction https…, RT @CompassionateNY: Time to turn up the heat! Period. If you’re down under, stay tuned to our page for more info on this amazing upcoming event! I am constantly amazed by how much credit progressives — especially black folks — are inclined to give President Obama for his “efforts” on criminal justice reform when so far (deep into his second term) what he has offered is good (even eloquent) rhetoric but little else. Wershe is the only person sentenced under the old law who is still in prison for a crime committed as a juvenile. How can the faith communities help? Those already serving time became parole eligible and began to be released. Obama wants to raise the drug war budget, but also to shift a greater percentage towards treatment. Click the playlist at the top right to see broken windows policing in action, from depriving people of a place to sleep, to needlessly escalating an interaction leading to death., “President Barack Obama’s visit to an Oklahoma federal prison on Thursday included a stunning admission: He considers his own past drug use to be similar to the ‘mistakes’ that have landed hundreds of thousands of Americans behind bars.”. JUST RELEASED: You can now stream or download The House I Live In with over 60 minutes of new additional material through our website. Sanho Tree, director of the Drug Policy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, explains how U.S. policy on illegal drugs has contributed to the issue”, Bill Murray to play Deere pro-am with Points, “Sometime in the next few weeks, aides expect President Obama to issue orders freeing dozens of federal prisoners locked up on nonviolent drug offenses. Check out this great video narrated by Senator Cory Booker and produced by our friends at ATTN, RT @IndependentLens: Justice Department set to free 6,000 prisoners, largest one-time release CC: @DrugWarMovie, 1 in 3 Americans have a criminal record that shows up on a routine background check, permanently shutting them out of the workforce. Michael K. Williams from The Wire is the ACLU Nationwide ambassador for ending mass incarceration. But who was white? and southern Europe early in the 20th century. A poignant short from The New York Times about the challenges for young black men growing up in America today. Please also share this post from the Dime Droppers page via, email, Facebook, Twitter and any and all other social media options they provide! Police are addicts too in the war on drugs– addicted to financial incentives tied to the drug war. The House I Live In fully supports the Governor’s emphasis on treating addiction as a matter of public health, and is proud to have helped advise the Governor’s office on his policies. Singh Thind, the court contradicted itself by concluding that End the War on Drugs. The film is a mixture of the film makers personal experiences and a fairly broad-brush account of the politics and racism that influenced the 'war', and also follows a few other victims of the policy that's resulted in the US (5% of the world population) locking up 25% of the entire imprisoned people on Earth within it's own boundaries. A correctional nurse reflects on her time in a women’s prison and asks whether Orange Is the New Black fairly represents corrections in the age of mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex. As the author puts it, ensuring that no one is held in jail simply based on poverty would necessitate a complete reordering of the system: “The open secret is that in most jurisdictions, bail is the grease that keeps the gears of the overburdened system turning.” If these stories were reported from any other country, we would shake our heads in disgust and wonder aloud “what kind of country would call this a justice system?” – Michelle Alexander, “Our state and local governments must follow the president’s lead and transform our destructive “War on Drugs” into the public-health campaign it always should have been.”. Follow us on Instagram for more! Nearly all of these individuals would have already served their time and returned to society if they were convicted of the exact same crime today: Watch t... RT @aloeblacc: War on Drugs? Change the laws. Check it out…. Michigan eventually acknowledged the failures of the 650 Lifer statute—the governor who signed it into law, William G. Milliken, has called it the greatest mistake of his career—and rolled it back in 1998. It introduces listeners to the advocates in California who crafted, promoted, and saw through to victory California state Proposition 47 which was passed with 60% voter approval and reduced most “nonserious and non-violent” property and drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors — retroactively — thus freeing tens of thousands of people from the life-long consequences of being labeled a felon. Watc…. Powerfully accurate, but disturbing. Watch Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) make some great points during a Congressional committee on the drug war. “Forget the politics. customs, and perhaps most pertinently, housing. Less than a year later, in the case of United States v. Bhagat AG Holder announces new treatment initiatives for combating heroin abuse. Tomorrow, Washington D.C. lawmakers will vote on the most comprehensive marijuana decriminalization legislation in America. I could not find any info on your homepage or facebook. The law epitomized the tough-on-crime policies that produced overflowing prisons and soaring costs. Follow us on Instagram @DrugWarMovie ! Grassroots Leadership finds that these transfers are destroying prisoners’ relationships with their families and communities and treating them like commodities. Read, Sign and Share our Mom’s Bill of Rights: Real In 2014, global opium production increased and reached the second highest level since the 1930s. #Netflix, “For the first time, Congress is letting states set their own medical marijuana and hemp policies, a huge step forward for sensible drug policy”. A very telling chart about our prison system. With Congress currently debating the controversial Bush-era education law “No Child Left Behind,” Murphy plans to introduce amendments that push schools to get rid of the “zero tolerance” discipline model that suspends and even arrests students for behaviors as minor as talking back to a teacher or violating the dress code. #BlackLi... Crucial article by Aljazeera English: “The c... Democracy Now! The time is NOW for common sense prison reform #EndTheWarOnDrugs, RT @ariannahuff: Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs, RT @caafoundation: Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs: + tell Congress to ACT: #SmarterSentencin…, RT @DrealCarter: JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs: this Thang going, RT @_gabrielsayegh: Time to end the war on drugs – @melodyjlee’s great piece about growing national mvmnt @richardbr…, RT @CANY_1844: Just Say NO! It will make law the concealment of certain non-violent misdemeanor criminal records in New York State. Record and instantly share video messages from your browser. "free, white persons." Please give The House I Live In a #NetflixHi5! ” – The Atlantic. Please support our allies’ campaign to pass the Compassionate Care Act which will allow seriously ill New Yorkers access to medical marijuana. Organized by GW Students for Sensible Drug Policy to support #Yeson71, RT @DPA_NY: Great piece by @jimdwyernyt – Despite @BilldeBlasio ’s Promise, Marijuana Arrests Persist in New York, “About 75 percent of those charged had no prior criminal convictions, and more than 80 percent were black or Latino, according to the report, from the Marijuana Arrest Research Project and the Drug Policy Alliance.” Drug Policy Alliance – New York Office, “An estimated two-thirds of women incarcerated in federal prisons are serving time for nonviolent, drug-related crimes.”, Like Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline! accrue to white people, not necessarily because of merit or hard The House I Live In opens October 5th. Marijuana has been legalized in the nation’s capital!, “35-year-old Mosby, only four months into her role as state attorney, powerfully articulated that police brutality would not be tolerated and that she would seek justice on Gray’s behalf.”, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Please spread the word in California – This Tuesday vote YES on Prop 47! Powerful Powerful film. Attention Australia! Big day! “Even as the number of immigrants caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has fallen to the lowest levels since the 1970s, the federal government has increased spending on immigrant detention, filling 14,000 more beds last year than it did in 2006.”, Big news! that race shouldn't matter for citizenship. #NoMoreDrugWar, “Even if we released everyone imprisoned for drugs tomorrow, the United States would still have 1.7 million people behind bars, and an incarceration rate four times that of many Western European nations.”,, Important article written by Radley Balko, author of the book “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces.”, Dr.Carl Hart from The House I Live In and Drug Policy Alliance gives an amazing TEDMED Talk. RT @MotherJones: Yes, our courts shackle young children. Click, contribute, share, and help us keep #papercity a FREE resource! • The title, THE HOUSE I LIVE IN, came from a 1943 song with lyrics by Abel Meeropol and music by Earl Robinson. Very important, incredibly depressing. 3. It gave me a whole new and frankly frightening perspective on our “justice” system. If passed, the Smarter Sentencing Act will be the most significant rollback of the drug war in history. Please follow us! Take our quiz and find out! More evidence of the shift in public opinions and attitudes towards marijuana. Over forty years, the War on Drugs has accounted for more than 45 million arrests, made America the world’s largest jailer, and damaged poor communities at home and abroad. Tide turning,but political folly still maddening…how many d…, An interesting way to explain the war on drugs. RT for #britdocimpact @DrugWarMovie to win @netflix #netflixhi5 $5k prize., Check out Eugene Jarecki and Julian Assange in London’s Daily Mail RT @IndependentLens: Watch John Oliver Demand an End to Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws feat., “The Obama Administration announced a new program today to address the heroin and prescription opioid crisis. RT @nytimes: For Marijuana, a Second Wave of Votes to Legalize, RT @johnlegend: Please read my @HuffingtonPost blog on #Prop47 in California. Absolutely stun... Watch Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) make some great poin... On Monday, APM: Marketplace released a piece by Am... We need real drug education based on scientific re... RT @johnlegend: We’ve been fighting this War... RT @UncleRUSH: If Philip Hoffman was alive today +... FREE screening/discussion tonight and tomorrow in ... RT @V4CJR: documentary The House I Live In @DrugWa... Alaska will be the next state to legalize marijuan... An insightful radio interview with our Exec Produc... Great news! Eyes: round or almond, blue, black, brown. It does not... RT @JuddApatow: End the drug war. The House I Live In takes on the 40-year history of the "War on Drugs," exploring in depth why it has been such a costly failure., #March2Justice has arrived in Washington D.C. after marching 250 miles from New York City!…, RT @C4BRITDOC: Questioning policy, changing lives! If you’re a young man of color, you may see it as threatening.” — A piece on the indignities perpetrated by police drug searches, which seem “more like rape than law enforcement”. They are urging the state to pass the Fairness and Equity Act and the Marijuana Regulation and Tax Act (MRTA) as part of their state budget and legislative agenda for 2015-2016. After 40 years of incalculable human and economic costs, this is an issue we believe all politicians can agree upon: the War on Drugs has FAILED. @DrugWarMovie, Great article about police lobbying against changes to marijuana laws– “Once the politicians created these policies, they simultaneously created a powerful lobby to ensure those policies permanently remain in place, regardless of their efficacy, or of any harmful unintended consequences.”, We’re proud to be on this list of recommended anti-drug war viewing from Salon/Alternet, RT @StopMassIncNet: @DrugWarMovie #HoodiesUp Will we stand by in silence as youth like #Trayvon face brutality, misery & incarceration? Happy Friday!! Please join us!! We ask that you sign the petition, which will be delivered to Sen. Dean Skelos and Sen. Jeffrey Klein, letting them know that the Senate must put patients before politics and pass the Compassionate Care Act now. Go see this film, and bring someone with you. Watch the premiere of Evolution of a Criminal Film on Independent Lens | PBS tonight at 10PM. Filmed in more than twenty states, The House I Live In captures heart-wrenching stories from individuals at all levels of America’s War on Drugs. Ta-Nehisi Coates explores the impact of mass incarceration on the black family in his next Atlantic cover story. November 15, 2014. Of the thousands held in the facility known as Homan Square over a decade, 82% were black. Filmed in more than 20 states, THE HOUSE I LIVE IN captures heart-wrenching stories from individuals at all levels of America’s War on Drugs.

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