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Here you can purchase Amish chicken coop … Chicken Coops Amish-Made Means Superior Quality and Good Value There are a million other places on the Internet to get information about chicken coops. This chicken coop includes three elevated roosting bars with multiple height placement for each bar. We build them so you don't have to. Pawhut Green Backyard Chicken Coop Available Here. We have been building Chicken Coops, Sheds and. … We make coops with 3 things in mind. The Chicken Coop Company. Chicken Coop Prices. Next day delivery on most items. We are the UK's leading provider of Chicken Coops, Dog Kennels, Cat Runs and Pet products. 12' x 24' Customizable Chicken Coop w/Feed Room (100 chickens) Our Coop De' Ville is our premium model and is a classy and is a high quality building with a built in run and easy open hutch for egg collection. While it does have a higher price point, it’s a safe and secure way to keep your chickens in your yard. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Bring a little country farmhouse feel to your urban backyard. A hinged roof over the nesting box allows you to easily collect eggs. Standing 52 inches tall, 141 inches in length (with the chicken run) and 53 … Small size for up to 5 chickens. Between its interior sleep space and exterior run, the two-door, two-level coop offers 8 square feet for chickens to roam. This chicken coop is made from solid wood construction using quality semi-hardwood dried fir timber. We have kits available in our Hen Hut series that can be assembled in as little as 30 minutes. Oklahoma made chicken coops produced locally at our Norman, OK facility. People like the easy access options of this multi-level chicken coop, including the hinged door over the nesting box for egg collection, the sliding tray for litter changes under the coop, and the additional doors into the hen house and enclosure. All of our chicken coops are hand made here in Pennsylvania! Large size for up to 20 chickens. Formex Snap Lock Chicken Coop (Up to 4 chickens) In Stock. Formex Large Snap Lock Chicken Coop (Up to 8 chickens) In Stock. $825.00 $749.00. Lonestar Coops designs and sell chicken coop plans for the DIY (Do It Yourself) backyard chicken owner. This Chicken Coops allow you to have fresh eggs from your backyard! As far as good-looking chicken coops go, Williams Sonoma's Cedar Chicken Coop comes out on top. Nothing tastes better than farm fresh eggs from your own backyard. Family owned and operated, we offer our prefab chicken coops across the US through a network of over 150 dealers. … $999.95 $679.95. Wheels make it easy to have a movable coops for your backyard. With easy clean and access, the Somerzby Cottage is one of the favourites with Children and adults... BUNGALOW CHICKEN COOP. They do note that it doesn't include nesting boxes, though, so that may be something you want to add. Note that this coop is built to order so it will take around six weeks before it's shipped out. Nesting space Look for a chicken coop with space for roosting and nesting about 2 feet above ground level. This molded plastic chicken coop comes in a vibrant green with a steel mesh run that measures almost 10 feet long. Our Amish-built large chicken coops are the highest quality, well-made coops you’ll find anywhere. This spacious chicken coop can easily fit two to six hens and measures 58 x 66 x 85-inches. It also is on the smaller side, as it accommodates up to four chickens at most. It’s an investment compared to some wooden chicken coop kits, but the money spent on this quick-to-assemble chicken coop is well worth it for the comfort of your chickens and the conveniences it offers to you. The multi-tier coop measures 63.25 x 61.75 x 83.25 inches and offers two watertight nest boxes, an interior perch, and 25 square feet of run space which can comfortably accommodate four to six hens (depending on if you let them roam freely throughout the day). The Hen Hut Chicken Coop Model is available in 3 sizes. $510.00 $469.00 "The Gambrel Roof XL" Chicken Coop (9-12 chickens) In Stock. 39. This model is also available in a Do-It-Yourself Kit that can be assembled in as little as 30 minutes. Products include high quality features like: Low maintenance asphalt roof; Pest & rot resistant cedar wood; Slide-out metal floors for easy cleaning Whether you want to buy one of our smaller do-it-yourself kits or have us build a custom coop for your backyard poultry operation, we have a solution for all your needs. review process here. Whether you want a basic backyard coop for a small urban poultry operation, or you want a custom coop for a major farmyard operation, we have the right product available for your needs. Plastic panels, doors, and drawer make it easy to gain access to any part of the coop and are especially easy to clean—a major plus for backyard chicken owners that need to keep odor under control. Click on the links below for more information. They are made of treated 20 mm thick log lap. High quality large chicken coops and runs Our chicken coops are easy to install, attractive, well made and durable. This site is focused on our line of quality built chicken coops and other accessories and specialty poultry products. If you don't see what you are looking for, we can custom build just about anything you could imagine. You can feel confident knowing that our products will continue to be useful and look good for many, many years. Tired of crouching down collect fresh eggs? The SnapLock Formex Chicken Coop is made from sturdy, double-walled plastic (much like a storage shed) and can accommodate about a half-dozen birds, depending on the breed. The hand-built coop is constructed from handsome rot-resistant red cedar (that was milled at a family-owned sawmill in Washington state) and finished off with a galvanized roof and wire mesh which protects your flock from predators. This chicken coop can house 4 or 5 full-sized chickens comfortably or more for bantams. Company: Best Choice Products. PawHut's "poultry palace" is suitable for three to five chickens, depending on their size and breed. If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a simple, … If you want a multi-level chicken coop, then this model will give your feathered friends an elevated spot to roost along with room to roam about on the ground. Check out our online store to see the selection of chicken coop accessories. Poor Assembly Instructions. If your coop doesn’t come with a run, you’ll need to build one or place your coop inside a fenced-in area. Regular price $ 499.99 $ 459.99 Sale. These thoughtfully designed accessories match our coops in quality and function and make … ", "A door and the extra height makes it easy for you to come and go. It was designed to accommodate 4 … As far as good-looking chicken coops go, Williams Sonoma's Cedar Chicken Coop comes out on top. We've searched the world over to find the best, most practical, and unique designs for backyard, urban, and home chicken coops. This backyard chicken coop sits on a sturdy metal frame but is light enough to move around your yard to comply with zoning requirements and to give your chicks new areas to forage. We have a variety of accessories and decorations available to help you establish a comfortable, classy home for your barnyard fowl. In the right environment and with the very best care, chickens will flourish. With a coop to fit any backyard and up to 20 chickens. A built-in planter box also comes ready to be filled with your favorite flowers or veggies. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop – Best Value. CC Only 141″ Chicken Coop with Chicken Run. HOME PAGE         PRODUCTS          ABOUT US         CONTACT US, Custom Chicken Coop De'Ville with run for goats, is brought to you by Apex Shed Company. Just keep in mind that this chicken coop doesn’t include a window or run. All coops and feathers chicken coops are made of high quality materials that are made to last; a perfect home for your flock. Whether you have two hens or twelve, your feathered friends need space to roam. With a coop to fit any backyard and up to 20 chickens. A hinged roof also allows for easier cleaning. UK built and bespoke range available 98 List List Price $385.39 $ 385. There are several great reasons to raise your own chickens; easy to manage, endless supply of fresh eggs, as well as free fertilizer and something to eat your weeds and garden pests. Small… We have been building Chicken Coops, Sheds and other outdoor structures for backyards since 1995. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop. We also carry a variety accessories for your egg layers. Erica Puisis is a writer specializing in interior design. We have lots of options available. ", Snap Lock Formex Large Chicken Coop at Amazon, Tucker Murphy Pet Hawkes Multi-Level Chicken Coop at Wayfair, Archie & Oscar Freddy Chicken Coop at Wayfair, Pawhut Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop Hen House at Walmart, Williams Sonoma Cedar Chicken Coop & Run with Planter at Williams-Sonoma, Roost & Root Round Top Stand Up Chicken Coop at, Best Overall: The Chicken Coop Company. Easy to Clean. Tucker Murphy Pet Hawkes Multi-Level Chicken Coop, Best Multi-Level: ", "This hand-built coop is constructed from handsome rot-resistant cedar and with 25 feet of run space, it can accommodate six hens. But if you think this makes the coop flimsy, think again. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our Since it's made from weather-proof, rot-resistant solid fir, you can also count on its longevity. The Somerzby Bungalow is a great, easy clean hutch suitable for up to 3 chickens… LAZY BUDDY Chicken Coop, 70” Wooden Chick Cage with 2 Hen Nesting Boxes. Every coop in The Hen House Collection is made from high-quality materials and handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen to provide unparalleled value for years to come. As far as cleaning goes, that's pretty simple, too, thanks to a built-in slide out tray (which collects droppings) and a side door which offers access to the run. The Chicken Coop Company is the UK's Top Choice for High Quality Chicken Coops, Chicken Runs & Chicken Arks. As you will see, most all coops lack support under the nesting boxes. That's where a multi-level coop, like this one from PawHut, comes in handy. Generally, you should have at least four square feet of inside coop space per chicken and 10 square feet of outdoor run space per chicken. You can enter this coop from the large backyard area, or directly into the barn from full-sized doors. Add a cupola and weather-vane for more curb appeal and style. Orpington Lodge Chicken Coop 6+ Chickens. BY Our name has changed from Large Chicken Coops to Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops, but our Amish-built chicken coops are still the highest quality, well-made coops you’ll find anywhere. IN STOCK! Somerzby Chook Pens, Chicken Houses and Coops COTTAGE CHICKEN COOP. Purpose-built to make chicken keeping worry-free. Frame material: rain-resistant fir wood. Click on the link for our products to find one that meets your individual needs. Our chicken coops are built to stand the test of time. The hand-built coop is constructed from handsome rot-resistant red cedar (that was milled at a family-owned sawmill in Washington state) and finished off with a galvanized roof and wire mesh which protects your flock from predators. Chicken run Some chicken coops come with attached runs. We only sell premium chicken enclosures, as we know how important a quality enclosure is. The actual living quarters for the chicken is 26.25 long and 32 inches high.

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