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Features; Kurt Cobain was as cool as you expected him to be. He plays with too much passion, talent, skills, and style. The rock n’ roll industry became alive because of Nirvana. Bringing you up close to Kurt Cobain's Guitars. It was a 12 string model, but Kurt strung it with only five nylon strings, and he allegedly never changed them since. […], This guitar was first seen at the Castaic Lake Amphitheatre, Castaic, CA on September 26, 1992, when Kurt joined Mudhoney on stage and played a couple of songs (video below). Th… We used an Electro- Harmonix Big Muff fuzz box through a Fender Bassman on ‘Lithium’ to get that […], Kurt started using this pedal sometime after the release of Nevermind, switching from the older model – the DS-1. Alongside Mudhoney 's 'Superfuzz & Big Muff', it was Nirvana's debut 'Bleach' (famously recorded by Jack Endino for just $600) which helped to define the "Grunge" sound. 12.19.2009. According to Kurt’s guitar tech Ernie Bailey, depending on the day, Kurt would use either this or a PolyChorus for live performances. The Custom Shop Hi-Flyer Phase 4 DLX comes equipped with hot P90s and tremolo, and also looks like a Univox Kurt would've played! The guitar was most likely acquired around mid-November, while the band played around West Germany, and it was destroyed relatively quickly, on November 28, 1989, at Piper Club, Roma, Italy. Add to that an Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Chorus, which is what Kurt used to create that ‘wobbly’ effect on “Come As You Are”, and during verses on “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”. Classic Rock Newsletter. August 1989 auf dem Label Sub Pop veröffentlicht. Kurt Cobain- Guitar/ Vocals Kris Novoselic - Bass Chad Channing - Drums Jason Everman - Guitar There was little or no sign that the makers of this respectable Sub Pop seller would a few years later spawn the multi-million seller Nevermind. Nirvana's success popularized alternative rock, and they were often referenced as the figurehead band of Generation X. One of those guitars ended up in the hands of one of GroundGuitar’s visitors, Guillaume. The guitar belonged to Kurt, which is based on the fact that it was seen at Kurt’s home – but it was never really used live or in any other public setting. I must assume that was the reason Kurt was so happy to lay a copy of Bleach on me. It's the guitar that he played at Dave Grohl's first ever Nirvana gig in 1990, at Olympia's Nortyh Shore Surf Club. Add to Cart BITTE UM INFO WENN LIEFERBAR. Source: On that particular night, there were less than a dozen people in the crowd, but those lucky few had quite the surprise when Cobain began to smash it before their eyes. 2,706 notes . years later, it's still an inspiration for many guitarists who like their rock music dirty & simple! The list below proves that, above all else, Kurt Cobain was a good guy. Shop with confidence. "About a Girl" is a song by American rock band Nirvana, written by vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain. The Bleach-era was also filled with various half-working guitars, such as the blue Gibson SG, pieced together by Kurt himself, and a Greco Mustang, which went through at least two different reincarnations. The P90s were replaced with a Seymour Duncan 59 and JB humbucker set, and it was apparently, Kurt’s favorite Univox guitar - one of the few he didn't smash, and he might've used it for 'In Utero'! Pick yourself at least a distortion pedal, more precisely a Boss DS-2 (which is what Kurt used in his later years). Embed from Getty Images Kurt bought this Martin in late 1993, so just a few months prior to the Unplugged gig. Kurt had received the guitar while on the road, probably around July 6th or 7th, 1989. Cobain didn’t play remarkable guitars; Cobain played guitars remarkably. Another reader has brought up an excellent observation. Alongside Mudhoney's 'Superfuzz & Big Muff', it was Nirvana's debut 'Bleach' (famously recorded by Jack Endino for just $600) which helped to define the "Grunge" sound. answer and solution which is part of Daily Themed Crossword July 9 2018 Answers.Many other players have had difficulties with Kurt Cobain’s hit song from Nirvana’s first studio album Bleach: 2 wds. This, of course, means that both Bleach and Nevermind were recorded with the DS-1, and the DS-2 was only […], This pedal was used extensively during the ‘In Utero’ era, including the studio sessions for the album. The DS-2 was first seen on September 28, 1991, at the Marquee, New York, NY (thanks Sebastian). Kurt wasn't just about the Univox Hi-Flier, either. Kurt started off the set with his 1965 Fender Jaguar but switched to this Stratocaster at around 30-minute mark, and played it for most of the gig, aside from a few songs on which he used another black colored Strat. In short - these Univox models were some of Kurt Cobain's favourite guitars, and he kept playing Hi-Fliers well into the 'In Utero' phase and last tour. The main guitar used throughout the years and the one most identifiable with Cobain was his 1969 Fender Mustang. The first time he was ever seen playing it was on October 25th, 1990, at Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds, United Kingdom (video below). Based on this photo – Nirvana in Auburn, WA, May 26, 1989, it seems that the Marshall on top with the “Nirvana” was Jason Everman’s, while the Fender combo sitting underneath it was used by Kurt. sunburst finish with tortoiseshell pickguard - which made it look quite different than the usual Univox models. GuitarEuroMedia 2019-03-26T13:15:44+01:00 December 19th, 2016 | Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Kurt Cobain's death in April 1994 also led to a resurgence of popularity, with Bleach entering the Top Pop Catalog chart at number six in the week following his death, and eventually earning the top spot on May 7. Picture: Kurt Cobain and a white Univox Hi-Flier, The most crucial thing back then (1989-1990) was Kurt's taste for cheap Univox Hi-Flier guitars. As simple as it was effective - and anyone can pretty easily replicate this setup, since Kurt's distortion sound had more to do with the cheap Boss than anything else. The first time it appeared seems to be sometime around June 1991, and at that time it was used alongside another black Stratocaster, but with a white pickguard. According to info posted on the auction of the Mosrite decades later, the guitar was purchased by Kurt at Real Guitars in San Francisco in the fall of 1990 (no official page seems […], This was Kurt’s first left-handed Fender Stratocaster. Feb 20, 2015 - Find great deals on eBay for bleach nirvana poster. Tad had no case for his Fender Musicmaster and Kurt gave him a Fender Mustang case. Also, worth mentioning is the Harmony Stella 12-string, which Kurt played on “Something in the Way”, and a 1961 Epiphone Texan that styled a “Nixon Now” sticker on the top of the body. This means that the SansAmp was likely used just on In Utero songs, while the Boss DS-2 […], Used during the ‘In Utero’ studio sessions and for the following tour, more precisely on Heart-Shaped Box (solo), Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, and Scentless Apprentice. He broke a lot of those guitars. Although it’s impossible to say for sure just based on photos, it seems that Kurt didn’t use it live until the start of the European tour, circa mid-August 1991. Als Kind war er hyperaktiv und nahm Medikamente, u. a. Ritalin. Dunlop Tortex .60mm Picks. No, Kurt Cobain was an altruistic rock star and it shines through in some of his most iconic moments both on and off stage. According to Nirvana guitar tech Ernie Bailey, “I believe Kurt like the D-18E because it was so strange and unique for a Martin acoustic.” Cobain purchased the guitar in Los Angeles in the Fall of 1993 at Voltage Guitars. Find out more... Our Sidejack Series is also another great choice for players who love the shape of Univox / Mosrite but want more choice of colors and other specs, such as 12-string, baritone etc. When they recorded Bleach, Kurt’s […], Kurt was seen using an unknown Fender amp around the time when the band released Bleach, circa May 1989. the company tweeted on Saturday. NIRVANA - "Blew" Album: "Bleach" (released in 1989) Music & Lyrics by Kurt Cobain *Tabs written by myself in Guitar Pro 6 Julien’s is also offering a black custom-made and smashed Fender Stratocaster guitar used by the Nirvana front man on the 1994 In Utero tour (estimate: $60,000-$80,000). Kurt Cobain left a legacy behind him. It is actually a pretty rare guitar produced only for a year in the late 50s, and it was one […], Kurt used a Fender Twin Reverb to record Bleach album. Nevermind Studio Sessions Kurt had this guitar with him when the band entered the studio for […], This is perhaps Kurt’s most widely known and most recognizable Stratocaster. He also used a similar amp during the recording of Bleach, though it is unknown if it was the exact same one. Kurt started first started playing on a Univox Hi-Flier guitar – which is a cheap replica of the more expensive Mosrite Gospel model. From Mark Spiders of Willard, "I believe I have the guitar case from the smashed Sluggo Mustang. Everyone loved them, and Kurt Cobain’s exceptional guitar playing skill made everyone want to be like him. In this edition of Gear Rundown, we look at Cobain’s setup. There are so many guitars that he played and/or ruined while he was alive. Visit the post for more. The […], This guitar was seen only on one occasion, at the “No More Wars” benefit concert in Olympia, WA on January 18, 1991. However, it is important to notice that whenever he played live, he would either use a Boss DS-1 or a DS-2 distortion pedal instead. At this p… Update 3. The only other time this guitar was seen […], This guitar was first used very early in 1990, the first time probably sometime around February 12th, and it was used up until Kurt smashed it on April 26, 1990, at Pyramid Club in New York. This guitar was purchased well after Bleach had been recorded. One of his most interesting Univox guitars of the period is his 68 Hi-Flier Custom, in sunburst finish with tortoiseshell pickguard - which made it look quite different than the usual Univox models. The new Custom Shop Mark IV Tribute. Kurt Cobain's guitars were numerous. Kurt Cobain used a Randall solid-state head and 4x12 cab at the time, but for the album, Kurt used Endino's Fender Twin Reverb, and the only pedal he used was a Boss DS-1 Distortion. The guitar was most likely pieced together from […], This guitar was first seen on October 3, 1992, at Carver Gymnasium in Bellingham, Washington. It also originally featured two single coils pickups – but the bridge pickup was replaced with a Seymour Duncan […], Kurt was first seen using this white Fender Stratocaster with rosewood fretboard on February 14, 1992, in Osaka, Japan. For the album tour, he played a 1965 Fender Jaguar – which is the guitar that most people associate Kurt with. This is one of the first guitars (possibly the first electric guitar) that Kurt ever owned. ELECTRIC GUITARS . I do appreciate his effort. id like to know what guitars and amps he used IN THE STUDIO for recording all these albums, preferably nevermind. Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994) was an American singer-songwriter and musician, best known as the guitarist, primary songwriter and frontman of the rock band Nirvana.Through his angst-fueled songwriting and anti-establishment persona, Cobain's compositions widened the thematic conventions of mainstream rock music. Email. By the time Nevermind was out, Kurt was mostly playing Stratocasters, the most notable of which was a black model, decorated with a sticker reading “Vandalism”. Kurt’s Univox was a model called Hi-Flier, and it was manufactured sometime between 1968 and 1977. Kurt Cobain gets a guitar for christmas (probably 1969) gypsyastronaut . He also favoured a Mesa/Boogie Studio.22 Preamp that he paired with a Crown Power Base 2 800W Power Amplifier. Kurt played this guitar presumably from the mid 80’s to around 1988 on all of the early Bleach era gigs. Around that same time, he also acquired a 1969 Fender Competition Mustang, which he used most famously during the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video. MORE ON THE WAY. Follow. to Rick King, owner of Guitar Maniacs in Tacoma, Washington, Cobain. I was at this show […], This was Kurt’s main guitar amp prior to Nevermind studio sessions and during the album tour. That particular amp, however, wasn’t owned by him, but by Jack Endino, who produced the record. Kurt Cobain was not a flashy guitarist, but he was a great one.

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