how can mountains be used to develop economically

And since international standards usually embed global best practices, the increased uptake of such standards can help promote sustainable development. Synthesis of a Mountain Forum electronic conference in support of the Mountain Agenda. Develop resonsible … 1998. SNEP. Under the agreement, the participating farmers must entice at least 85 percent of the 400 farmers in the watershed to join the programme. 43. While in the short term clear-cutting timber adversely affects mountain communities who are dependent on forest products, in the long term it is the global populations who ultimately pay a high price for the adverse impacts on air and water quality, recreational opportunities and soil erosion. & Bugmann, H., eds. For example, deforestation destroys habitat, increases erosion and exacerbates global warming; overgrazing causes landslides; mining destroys sacred pilgrimage sites; and hydroelectric construction leads to serious siltation. The mechanisms share three critical features: they estimate and capture full cost values for a range of mountain resources; they identify clear ownership, rights and responsibilities; and they introduce economic incentives so that solutions are introduced and implemented by stakeholders and are sustainable over the long term. Download this stock image: Huoshan, China's Anhui Province. In a mountainous environment characterized by a complex patchwork of stakeholder groups and interests, this is a significant achievement. The City was facing the possibility of being forced by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to install a water filtration system at a cost of US$6 billion. For example, if you need to increase sales, ask your employees to help you develop a marketing plan or at least solicit their ideas. Energy, transport. Bern, Mountain Agenda. The ground can either be sub ducted or wrinkle to form mountains or hills. Workers will benefit during the $12.6* billion construction project. The problem for New York City has been a concern about a potential decrease in the quality of its water owing to runoff from barnyards (paddocks) and faulty sewage treatment systems upstream. Economic benefits are usually measured in monetary terms and may include: income from employment in the sector; the value of the production of goods and services from forests; and the contribution of the sector to the national economy, energy supplies and international trade. Block mountains are caused by faults in the crust, a seam where rocks can move past each other. A more detailed description of each of these mechanisms and case studies is provided in the conference report edited by Lynelle Preston (1997), Investing in mountains: innovative mechanisms and promising examples for financing conservation and sustainable development. These are the different types of resources based on various factors: An environmental valuation study conducted by the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project (SNEP) in northern California, United States demonstrates that it is possible to measure and place economic value on mountain resource flows which traditionally have not been assessed. products, Hindelang Nature and Culture Programme, Bavaria Ecotourism marketing Despite directly affecting businesses, these variables refer to financial state of the economy on a greater level — whether that be local or global. El desarollo sostenible de montañas en América Latina. E-mail correspondence. Predicting global change impacts on mountain hydrology and ecology: integrated catchment hydrology/altitudinal gradient studies. ARPE/CIAPP. Institutions like the World Tourism Organisation as well as scientists have argued for decades that rural tourism can incite economic development in mountain regions, as it creates jobs and diversifies agriculturally dominated countrysides. Trento, Italy, Provincia Autonoma di Trento. They develop the available natural elements and transform them into ‘resources’ for use. Industry, SEVENTH SESSION: 1999Sectoral theme. At an interpersonal level, you can show kindness to those around you. Cash in hand may be more useful to some individuals than its equivalent value as a standing forest so that private ownership of a forest, for example, may lead to short-term gains and degradation. Mountains can make travel difficult. High inflation can lead to devaluation of the currency and discourage foreign investment. E.g. Through an online 30-minute survey, families can trace their own poverty map and develop and implement a clear plan to overcome it. 4th ed. Yet information and networking are only the means to an end, and these and other resources must be carefully coordinated and harnessed, building on the long-established role of mountains as cradles of innovation. The most successful plans are understandable to your key stakeholders and economic development officials. The state of the world's mountains: a global report. Academy for Mountain Environics. Tax cuts and rebates are used to return money to consumers and boost spending. The goal was to identify financing mechanisms that are currently being employed in mountain areas to pay for maintaining sustainable flows of mountain resources. These terms have been the subject of criticism, but they remain commonly used in many circles, including among international investors and international organizations. You can also become involved in local politics (if you're old enough to vote), or support public lectures or seminars in your area. Good drainage is important, as well as contour and grading. At these colliding, compressing boundaries, rocks and debris are warped and folded into rocky outcrops, hills, mountains, and entire mountain ranges.. The Raw Land Development Process: How To Develop Land In 6 Steps. Contributions included more than 60 examples of conservation and development efforts which have been effective in balancing the downward flow of resources from mountainous regions around the world. Investing in mountains: innovative mechanisms and promising examples for financing conservation and Sustainable development. Communication and Outreach: Develop a strong communication strategy so that your project results can be shared with a large audience. 1996. Price, M.F. Becker, A. In mountains such as the Andes and Himalayas, terraces (steps) have been cut into the hillsides to allow crops such as vines and fruit to be grown. Franklin, USA, The Mountain Institute/FAO. As identified by the global NGO Consultation on the Mountain Agenda. The electronic conference, held in 1996, was hosted by the Mountain Forum, a global electronic network of individuals and organizations involved in mountain conservation and development. For example, the cost of cutting a forest must include the full economic value of the trees, plus the relinquished benefits of clean air, pure water, wildlife habitat and other non-tangible values derived from that forest ecosystem. It is not only the "development" and "conservation" NGOs that have interests in sustainable mountain development; increasingly, members of NGOs that are recreation-and tourism-based are recognizing the need to understand their impacts on mountain communities and environments. The fact of the matter remains: undeveloped real estate has the ability to deliver the same consistent cash flow as any other type of investment opportunity.. Fortunately for investors, raw land is … In some cases, more effective resource management can be achieved through privatization or secure tenurial rights. Rome, FAO. The analysis of contributions to the electronic conference, Investing in Mountains, has shown that effective and lasting mechanisms are being devised to maintain environmental services and sustainable resource flows from mountains to the areas below. Studies such as this help to quantify the value of mountain resources and to turn attention to the social and environmental costs of their use (SNEP, 1996). Mountains and people. produced foodstuffs: also called appellation of origin, Cheese production in the Beaufort Valley, France, Tools which capitalize on value addition from environmentally benign These factors should be incorporated into the design of mechanisms to ensure sustainable resource use in mountain areas. Chapter 13 has been the catalyst to much debate, and many governments and organizations have contributed significant financial and other resources to activities contributing to its implementation. The unsustainable use of one resource in one location (upstream) affects the entire system, including downstream environments. The most common metric used to determine if an economy is developed or developing is per capita gross domestic product (GDP), although no strict … New York City put up US$35.2 million for farmers to purchase or build pollution abatement devices. They are higher and usually steeper than a hill and are generally over 600 metres high. 1992. Fold mountains are created through a process called orogeny.An orogenic event takes millions of years to create a fold mountain, but you can mimic … A Rai woman carrying bamboo collected in the Makalu-Barun Conservation Area, Nepal, Increased ownership, rights and responsibility for mountain resources. Mountains play a critical role in the water cycle by capturing moisture from air masses; when this precipitation falls as snow, it is stored until it melts in the spring and summer, providing essential water for settlements, agriculture and industries downstream - often during the period of lowest rainfall. Indeed, the export-oriented policies of South Korea are one of the most important factors of its success: South Korea is now one of the top 10 exporters in the world, and its exports as a percentage of GDP increased from 25.9 percent in 1995 to 56.3 percent in 2012.3 Two additional factors have contributed to th… Table 1 describes each of the mechanisms and the associated case studies. toward place-based approaches to economic development can go by various names. It was therefore assumed that sustainability would be achieved through strategies which reverse the flow of benefits and provide an equitable share to mountain people as an incentive for continued stewardship. They meet as a 21-member Watershed Agricultural Council to disburse the city hinds for pollution prevention projects. This study concluded that water resources are by far the most valuable economic resource, despite the popular perception that timber and grazing are the two most highly valued resources within the Sierra Nevada ecosystem. As is recognized in Agenda 21 as a whole, the private sector also has a major role to play, yet it has not been particularly well integrated in the implementation of Chapter 13. 3. The most powerful thing you can … Berkeley, USA, University of California Press. Policies to promote developmentIn trying to develop, countries can either look inwards or outwards.Inward and outward looking policiesInward lookingInward looking strategies were typical of the general approach to development which dominated thinking after the Second World War. The average farm receives about US$75 000 for improvements such as cement manure pipes, fencing to improve cattle feeding, and riverside tree planting. Their isolation allows them little access to information or to the decision-making powers of their national governments; typically, participation in external markets is based on unequal and unfavourable terms of trade (Byers, 1995). The capital of tourism in danger. 1995. Tax cuts and rebates are used to return money to consumers and boost spending. For economic growth, the […] In fact, human beingsthemselves are a part of the natural resources. Moreover, all immigrants—regardless of status—will contribute approximately $80,000 more in taxes than government services used over their lifetime. Environmental and natural resource economics. Many studies attribute South Korea’s structural transformation to policy reforms aimed at opening the country to foreign markets. Do you effectively manage the most limited resources in your life? Lima, Peru. The more you invest upfront, the better results you get. 1997. Price, M.F., Moss, L.A.G. Mountains of the world: a global priority, p. 157-170. The principal factor affecting the development of an economy is the natural resources or land. You could pay up to 30 percent more for roads, utilities, water, sewer and building foundations when you develop … Investing in mountains: innovative mechanisms and promising examples for financing conservation and sustainable development. Mountains are also becoming recreational refuges from crowded cities for the tourist elite. E-mail sent to the Mountain Forum electronic conference. Article Table of Contents Skip to section. Volcanic mountains , like those of the Hawaiian Islands, for example, form from molten rock that erupts through the planet's crust and begins piling up. Tehri, India, Sri Bhuvaneshwari Mahila Ashram. In fact, the real losses over time extend to global populations. Bern, Mountain Agenda. Therefore, ownership of one resource essentially establishes ownership of all rights, even those that were not factored into the original grant of the resource right. In part, this is because many of the associated benefits are non-market resources which economists consider as "public goods". However, as the case studies repeatedly illustrate, the victims of unsustainable mountain development are not limited to the marginalized mountain communities. This may lead to a conclusion that conservation is the most efficient resource "use"; or alternatively, it may reveal the benefits of balancing resource extraction with the maintenance of existing environmental assets. Despite the fact that mountain and highland forests play a key role in watershed protection, the majority of benefits from a protected watershed accrue to downstream users, not to the local communities who maintain the forests. Furthermore, while secure property rights may provide incentives for sustainable management, there may be no incentives to prevent downstream effects such as water polluted by runoff. Anyone can learn to be a coach. Clean air and biodiversity are classic examples. Global distribution of species diversity on vascular plants: towards a world map of phytodiversity. Transfer of technology, capacity-building, education, science, awareness-raisingEconomic sector/major group. As a result of the complexity of mountain resources and the limitations of traditional pricing approaches, the resource value is typically not reflected in the product price. However, with this "ownership" should come a set of responsibilities to the interconnected resources, even those that have not been clearly defined. With this incentive-based mechanism in place, actual value has been attached to watersheds, not only to the water resources, and unique partnerships have been formed. Examples of continental collision on Earth are the Himalayan Mountains and the alps. & Williams, P.W. in the Alps. New York, USA and Carnforth, UK, Parthenon Publishing Group. New York, USA and Carnforth, UK, Parthenon Publishing Group. European Intergovernmental Consultation on Sustainable Mountain Development. Tourism, EIGHTH SESSION: 2000Sectoral theme. Oil producers will earn more revenue for their product. Mountains are no longer on the periphery of the global debate on development and environment: they have moved to centre-stage. In B. Messerli & J.D. Then it curves north- and eastward through northern Italy, Switzerland Liechtenstein, southern Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Integrated planning and management of land resourcesCross-sectoral theme. Mountains can be very difficult to cross. London, Zed Books. With the advent of new technologies, population increase and development pressures, the magnitude of these resource outflows has increased dramatically. Considering mountain economics based on the results of an electronic conference, Investing in Mountains. Mountains of the world: a global priority, p. 249-280. IDENTIFYING AND VALUING MOUNTAIN RESOURCES. Denniston, D. 1996. Follow this guide to make the implementation as seamless as possible. Introduction to mountains: Mountains can be explained as landforms that rise well above the surrounding land for a limited area in the form of a peak. Ives, eds. Mountain systems are defined by pluralism - by the complex assortment of stakeholders who share a common interest in sustainable mountain development. I - Assessment summaries and management strategies. 1997. Rostow's theory can be classified as "top-down," or one that emphasizes a trickle-down modernization effect from urban industry and western influence to develop a country as a whole. In mountainous areas, ownership of land I and natural resources spans the whole spectrum from private to common to state, with an overlay of traditional usage rights and responsibilities that is not linked to ownership. As a result, natural assets are flowing downhill at unsustainable rates and mountain communities are becoming increasingly marginalized. Agricultural machinery is difficult to use and there is a very short growing season. Federal, regional, and state authorities should identify transmission projects that provide the greatest economic benefits in delivering renewable electricity from where it can be most effectively generated to where it is most needed. New York, USA and Carnforth, UK, Parthenon Publishing Group. 1997. Furthermore, the market is not the universal determinant of values; lack of a monetary value does not mean lack of utility or aesthetic value. Consequently, mountain communities, as suppliers, do not derive appropriate benefits. Also known as rifting, this process occurs when rocks on one side of … ADVERTISEMENTS: Role of Natural Resources in Economic Development! This is possible precisely because incentive structures have been implemented in each of the examples so that it is in the individual and collective best interest for stakeholders to continue working together. However, regional initiatives are also important, recognizing the great diversity of mountain environments around the world.

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