does seoul have a subway

When Koreans go from A to B their preference is to do that in a quiet manner, so for conversation you’ve got to go elsewhere. Single-trip Seoul subway tickets are available for purchase at all stations, and cash is accepted on buses, but your fare will cost more. The best part? You can buy the T-Money card using a credit card, but all reloads must be paid for with cash whether you top-up at convenience stores or in subway stations. Multiple lines are easy to identify and a transfer between those lines is a peace of cake due to clear signs and announcements in Korean and English language at every station. When using escalators, stand on the right and move on the left. Do I have to use T-Money? Subway also starred in Prime Ministers and I (2013), Defendant (2017) and Big Man (2014). Prices vary based on the route and type of bus. After the Pandemic: How Should We Travel From Now On? Fares and scheduleTicket prices are based on the distance traveled and are determined by zones. How interesting that you can’t use Google Maps for directions… thanks for sharing! As you go through the turnstile to get on and off, you will swipe if you have a transportation card. Almost anywhere you want to go, it seems, you can go by subway. This system expands far beyond the city borders of Seoul and connects with other cities such as Incheon, Seongnam (Bundang), Goyang (Ilsan), Anyang, Suwon, Uijungbu and many more. In addition, the application Kakao Metro provides an accurate real-time schedule and time estimated of the journey between stations. T-Money is a contactless, reloadable farecard used for public transport in Seoul, as well as nearly all other cities. Pretty good deal if you take at least 8 rides a day. The Minoan Palace of Knossos: a Controversial Past Brings Reflections on the Present, Airbnb bans: Neighbourhoods from Manchester to New Orleans say “no more”, School of Rock: How to Take Your Family Canyoneering. The AREX makes a good tutorial for using the Seoul subway. I hope this post answers all your questions on how to get around Seoul using public transport! Learn more. Now. * Visit our international websites by selecting an option below. Your email address will not be published. At some stations the announcements are also in Chinese and Japanese language. Take the train from Seoul Station to Suwon Station Mugunghwa Seoul / ... Take the line 1 subway from Suwon Station to Byeongjeom Station 1. ₩4,737 - ₩9,630. There are also accessories like phone charms or keychains with the T-Money chip embedded in them! Go to Appearance > Customize > Subscribe Pop-up to set this up. While you’re planning your trip, check out the best places to stay in Seoul. Workers pay is … Many areas in the city are accessible by the subway, as well as some towns of the provinces outside Seoul. What a brilliant idea, Korea!! It’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to take a bus in Seoul, but if you do, enjoy the ride! Among other reasons, platform screen doors are a good appliance since South Korea has a high suicide rate. Your email address will not be published. Seoul’s extensive subway system has a good reach. The Korean government spends around £27bn on transport every year: that works out at 10 per cent more per person than the British government spends. You have 30 minutes from when you tap out to transfer for free to a different bus or train. The real-time location tracking of the subway’s whereabouts on the screens at the station show exactly how far away your subway is. Due to national security laws, Google Maps for South Korea is static and public transport directions are unreliable (driving directions are completely unavailable on Google Maps.). Our service will end an hour earlier at night as follows: Service reduction starts from April 1, 2020. Can T-Money be shared? Incredibly helpful post! While you’re planning your trip, check out the. The subway reaches until more than 100 km from Korea’s capital, so a lot of Koreans can benefit from Seoul metropolitan subway. Commercial vehicles may be subject to additional state government taxes, which would be … ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA. Remember: your T-Money card can be used for the subway in other cities like Busan, Daegu, and Incheon, as well as all buses in Gangwon-do (Gangwon province). Only unload at the back of the bus. The oldest line, Line 1 is only 44 years old. Amazingly helpful post! 2 ARGENTINA. T-Money is most easily purchased at convenience stores or metro stations (Price: KRW 2,500). The Seoul subway and bus are aligned to give you free passes and you only have to use one card for every transportation. As of March 28, 2015, there are 18 lines and 993.9 km of track that connect 532 stations. The subway compartments are generally pretty spacious. Many of the major stations are attractions in their own right and feature a wide array of facilities, including restaurants, convenience stores, cosmetic shops, clothing boutiques, breastfeeding rooms, bicycle racks, elevators and wheelchair lifts. Some lines have split terminus stops. Seoul (서울), capital of South Korea, has an efficient, extensive public transport system that’s used by over 10 million local residents – and tourists like you and me. Check out this video below to see what it’s like riding the subway in Seoul! Line maps are located on every platform telling you in which direction the train is heading along with the names of the stops in that direction. During a Korean cold winter the subway seats are heated to make sure you have a comfortable ride. Take a photo of the bus route map at the bus stop (to count stops) and know what the stop name looks like in Korean, so you can press the bell in advance. Announcements for the next station are made in Korean and English (+Japanese, Mandarin at central stations). In my opinion eleven o’clock in the evening is early to end this important public transport system, but my guess that is due to safety regulations. The Blue Line takes you straight from the airport to downtown Seoul. Not only is it extremely convenient, but is actually one of the best transit systems in the world. If you are looking for luggage storage Myeongdong, Gangnam or Itaewon, you will have to look for the rows of wall lockers. Seoul’s sprawling metro system further compounds the issue. When getting around Seoul in trains and buses, take note of the following: In Seoul, there are so many subway passes offering special privileges and discounts to tourists that choosing the right one for you can be quite a headache. Hence, to plan your rides around Seoul, I recommend using these: The top attractions in Seoul are served by the Seoul subway and you’re likely to use only that, without ever setting foot on a public bus (seriously, there are 447 stations just on the main lines 1-9!) From KRW 15,000 (1-7 days) Gives you up to 20 free rides a day on Seoul subway lines 1-9, blue and green buses, and the AREX commuter service (arrival/departure from ICN). The shortest walking distance from subway station to Ssamziegil Mall (Center of Insadong) is Anguk Station. Platform screen doors are present at every station and are being used to prevent people from accidentally falling onto the tracks, getting too close to moving trains, and committing suicide or homicide. You can get on the subway which have connected to Line 3 and then ride to Anguk Station. 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And most importantly, because Seoul is a global city, English signs are there to help guide you. document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded",function(){(function(d,sc,u){var s=d.createElement(sc),p=d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0];s.type='text/javascript';s.async=true;s.src=u;p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p);})(document,'script','//');});Alternatively, you can also get to Seoul by airport bus, which may be more convenient if you’re lugging a heavy suitcase along or staying in Gangnam district.

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