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The Pink Geranium or Jan's Place A Midwest girl transplanted to the Pacific NW many years ago. The older 1 has only bloomed once in the old location, which was beside the house with morning sun. Thanks again. Thanks for all your information. I lived in Ireland for 2 years and these sun rooms had loads of vines etc. I do not allow them to flower [this will zap their energy]. Awesome! just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Aloe Vera is easy to raise, requires relatively little care and provides pretty foliage year round. Love scented geraniums too but haven’t been successful with those either. Thanks for naming the blue plant. How to grow a gloxinia plant. Hi Susan – Here in (cold) zone 5-b, zonal geraniums are not hardy. Great read! This month I will cut them back and take cuttings, and then I will fertilize. Kevin- my geranium (1st 1 ever) is covered with beautiful flowers. Plastic bag humidity domes are not used outside, just indoors under the grow lights. As for the geraniums, I did this last year but forgot to bring them indoors. I just pulled my two plants inside for the winter and they’ve recently started growing abundantly, but I’d like to take cuttings (to make more plants! They seemed to have already gone into a dormant state but recently started putting out new growth. But you can still stick cuttings now, do more then. I have been looking all over the internet and stumbled across your blog. You don’t want this little snip to work at flowering … you need it to ROOT. After experimenting with geraniums, brought in for overwintering, which thrived and bloomed all winter, I thought why not. If centering seems impossible,  just cut away more roots and soil to create a rounded shape. Many thanks Kevin for the post on extending the season for pelargoniums. Based on gender, 51.5% are female and 48.5% are male. Remove the lower 2 inches of leaves from each stem. I just pull them off, not a big deal since the plants always grow more shoots. If your plants get a little leggy over the winter, go ahead and take more cuttings and pot them up too. I plant the cuttings which have successfully rooted into larger pots in good potting soil. I did about 30 cuttings of three different types of geraniums. Iwant some plant that will bloom all summer long. Thanks for the info to locate scented geraniums, and all the tips on enjoying geraniums all year. The pictures and explanations were so clear and concise. I’m not sure you can even understand what I am trying to tell you so I’ll just have to say, Thank you…from the bottom of my heart, Thank you. If I cut them back do I necessairly need to cut the roots? I have abused this tool at length and it still does the job. I’ve been bringing in a giant geranium and a giant leggy scented geranium I’ve had for years.. Place the plants under fluorescent lights. Was it like Dorothy opening the door in The Wizard of Oz or what?? They can handle up to two degrees of frost but ideally should be maintained between 2 degrees and 15 degrees C. I have taken cuttings from the larger plants as well. How to Winterize Strawberry Plants in the Ground First, ensure that the plants are truly dormant by checking the crowns to make certain there is no active new growth growing. Is this really when I should chop it up? As for geranium and other cuttings, you’ll know they have rooted when new leaves appear on the stems. What a blessing it is to find a new seedling! You always come up with projects that are doable in scale and scope, and can be enjoyed over a several-month period. I started out with about 25, but through attrition now have about 15-18. Q. Eucalyptus Leaves Changing Shape - The new leaves on my Dalrympleana mountain gum eucalyptus tree, which was planted this spring, have grown pear shaped and… Q. Eucalyptus Tree - I have a eucalyptus tree that is two years old and it is planted outside. This year I bought two orange ones that are new, and are beautiful.I shall try propagating more of those much to my husband’s consternation, we live on the outskirts of Montreal, the summers are too short, but I bring in lots of plants indoors, keeps me busy and happy in winter .this year I have caladiums and a big beautiful colius grown from a cutting from my friend’s plant. A succulent tender high yielding variety that produces delicious dark green colour spears with a purple tinge, Mary Washington is quite resistant to rust, making it an ideal variety for a more organic type of gardening. Using a serrated knife, slice off two-thirds of the roots. Thank you SO much for the detailed directions. I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out. is heavenly. I have these in pots in an east window and water them once per week. Enjoyed this and I’m going to give it a try. Their plants are said to be suprrisingly large and well-established, sometimes blooming when they arrive. Required fields are marked *. Hi Robert – Yes, like Dorothy in Oz. Thank you. my own. The last couple of years I’ve been sticking my hardwood cuttings at the end of winter/early spring. Do you think the clay pots hold the moisture better than plastic? I still shy away from putting my slips in soil. Thanks. Do you have any suggestions where to purchase them? During the “winter” months in Arizona, they are either covered well on the patio or join me in the kitchen. I’ll have to pin more of your helpful tips :o). Well, I was going through this article on propagating Geraniums and low and behold, there it was!!! Each year I do bring in my geraniums and they have gotten straggly over the years. And then firmly pack the soil down with your thumbs. Such a simple plant and yet they are so generous with their beauty. Looking forward to doing this your way this year. Pictured above: Zonal, scented-leaved, and fancy-leaved geraniums in my Library/Den window in February, 2008. Why are the leaves drooping? Kevin you are so wonderful to keep this blog. Mom passed away 1 1/2 months ago and while I am so sad, she still inspires me. Recently laid off after 21 years in the Communication Industry, so new decorate budget is called thrift! Also, use the end tip of the cutting, meaning, don’t cut off the blossom end and stick in a middle part of stem and expect good results. In spring, when new growth appears, cut back the old growth to just above the new shoots. Super Thrive. Oh they were ok but very slow to get started in the spring/early summer out doors. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! These aren’t your grandmother’s old-fashioned flowers. Amazing! I have never successfully brought my geraniums indoors for the winter. What do you use to fertilize your geraniums, Kevin? Then add fresh potting mixture to come approximately half-way up the sides of the pot. I’d love to save it through the winter. Sara – So sorry I missed your question! Thank you so much! I carefully shake the old soil off the roots, and plant them in a 1 gallon pot or larger if necessary. I am about to give up on mine. There is no vigorous growth during this period. Information provided on this Website is believed to be correct to the best of our knowledge. I do have a few of them but they are small, like maybe a 1 c. size. The total population of Southborough consists of 10,021 people. You inspired me to tackle the huge task of repotting my geraniums and slipping them. ((((hug hug))). You get WAY more lumens of light for much less electricity. Or could it be divided and planted in several pots, or must one have the green leafy cutting to absorb sunshine? Hi Betty819 – You can start the cuttings in plastic or clay. can’t contain myself. We’re going to fix this. Your re-post of this article gives me a chance to thank you again for it. To answer your question, I feed my plants with Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster (as described in the article above). Cutting back any of these plants will cause new side-shoots to form. How to Design a Window Garden They winter over just fine here, but it might be fun to use this method for a little happiness in the window through the winter months… Thanks. feeds to my Google account. I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. Thanks, Kevin, for reposting this valuable article. However, these four ladies needed to be propagated and I knew there was a method but I had to really search for your site. I am a geranium lover….I must have about a dozen or more big pots of them all around my place here in Kitchener Ontario Canada. now I finally know how to do my geraniums properly for the winter…Last year I trimmed them and cleaned them up …then into the fruit cellar with them. Hope so! In Southborough, 4.1% of the citizens are veterans of the United States armed forces. I love your whole blog. To keep the foliage off the plastic itself, I support the bag with home made bamboo “skewers” which are the slim side branches of my harvested black bamboo canes. ‘America’ looks lovely in my Herb Garden, too. This time I am trying your method, cutting the root ball in half and rejuvenating the the old uglies. Out of those, I would guess that I had 20+ that made it. I have always wanted to winter over my geraniums and this year I have a very special one that my Mother loved on. It’s already beginning the second week of September here in NH and the nights are cool, but I’m still going to try my hand at cutting back my geranium and rooting the cuttings. You now have a newly-restored geranium which will give you pleasure all winter and beyond. I can’t wait to try this. I have three huge geraniums, nurtured through 3-4 winters, that need to be tamed and revitalized. or hints? I must tell you some time about my never blooming ‘endless summer’ hydrangea.bye now. I’m repotting them in Miracle-Gro moisture-control potting soil, as I sometimes don’t get around to watering them until 2 weeks have passed. After an mishap rendezvous with our pot belly pig, i have only one surviving geranium instead of a dozen…i am going to use your method & make startlings out of the cuttings. I like reviving some of the simple, economical practices of youre. They look pitiful now so hope I can revive them. This is what your plant should look like after removing nearly all of the top growth. I wonder if you use phosporus in a plant if it can be present in the pollen and hurt pollinators like bees. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this tutorial, Kevin. Growing up, I always remember plants all around the home, outside. My geraniums thank you for this one. Rinse off any soil which is clinging to the leaves. Provide moisture only when the top inch of soil looks and feels dry (stick your finger in the soil to be sure). (They loved their indoor setting with light from the east, south, and west and grew profusely.) With some newspaper, a cardboard box, paper bag, or a sunny windowsill, you can keep these tender perennials for the winter. I also have one the man at Lowes called Austrailian Geranium. I can’t wait until summer! Now I know what my poor geraniums need. I better do it tomorrow as it is September 4. (same plant by the way )… They really do make a “winter house ” smell good. Love, Pam couch, Kevin! A WONDERFUL source of scented geraniums is Well-Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray, New Jersey. This was so much fun! It’s in a window that my violets love, but as it’s winter, it doesn’t get a super amount of sunshine. Married to a great "old" guy, he is a year older then me! I have attempted to root geraniums and always fail. So thanks for your posts and all the great info I get from ya. Of course the pot was quite big and bloomed all colours because I had removed all the suckers from all the plants, therefore various colours. I also read once that in the old days when pencils were made of cedar, housewives or husbands poked the pencils into the dirt a couple weeks before they brought the plants in to get rid of the gnats. Will be trying your suggestions. My geraniums are leggy, because I didn’t know I was supposed to cut them back for the past 2 years. I think I will try your system this year. There’s nothing so cheerful as blooming geraniums on a winter windowsill! I am a avid Geranium lover and would like to find some scented plants to grow. Have told many about it. This year was not so good for my roses. Today I took the lanky non blooming geraniums and cut them back and by cutting the roots knew this was going to make the best geraniums for my south facing windows this winter. X Research source A pot bigger than 15 US gal (57 L) will be really hard to move around. Thankyou. Thru the years, she became forgetful…and stopped watering her plants…and the houseplants were all gone the next time I came home. Well, each of these can become a new plant. I constantly make new plants from these. (I keep saying that (or similar) but Thank you for all the inspiration. You don’t have any reply’s to questions about overwintering geraniums posted for the past year. Seeing your tuitorial, I will be cutting back the Mother plant like you showed. I just wanted to tell you I found this germanium bush at this place we always go to eat. This knife had a secret compartment hidden in the handle, presumably to hold contraband of some sort. With this I will stop because I respect an individuals’ right to garden without being lectured…. Beautiful layout and clear instructions with gorgeous photos! As always, your words are the sunshine of my life. Your winter window is an eye-popper and must give you great pleasure in the cold months. How I Propagate Petunias for Winter-Bloom A Walk in the Early-August Garden, BY Kevin Lee Jacobs | August 13, 2013 137 Comments. Hi Kevin, your tutorial for the geraniums is really helpfu,I have geraniums that were bought in1988 that still bloom. Geraniums are easy to over-winter. In December, 2011, lavender-pink ‘Americana’ made a handsome sight in my Music Room window. I’m gonna give this a go this year. I love it! I am going to share some with friends on Valentine’s Day. COPYRIGHT © 2009 - 2019 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | KEVIN LEE JACOBS. Geranium Plug Plants Sun-loving and a staple for any garden, Geraniums are prized for their reliability, long-flowering and large, vibrantly coloured blooms. Should I cut lower and just leave stems if they look like they have nodes low down, or do they need leaves in place for growth? Great article. Is it too late to cut back the roots and reset the plant as you suggest? I now will have to hang my new little plants in my living room by my E-SE bay window~by my large (6′ long) spider plant and a philodendron. But I have just ONE teeny tiny question. Once having to toss all the geraniums and their soil because it was awful. I have cut some of my leggy, woody ones almost to the soil, so some have only 4 or 5 brown stubs (with green showing on the cuts). The old ones get leggy and don’t produce many blooms, still I take them indoors in winter, and keep them in a sunny window. I have a favorite, but tired-looking geranium that will likely benefit from I love the “frugality” aspect of it! Very enlightening and inspiring. Unless they are being grown in a container, they don't even require much in the way of fertilization. Thanks so much for the steps by step propagation method for geraniums, Kevin. I trim off all large and fading leaves and remove flowers. I am looking forward to using these steps mid august. Cut these off. Kevin, I was so glad to read your post on the overwintering and care of zonal geraniums. Thank you! I took a small stem yesterday and to did the way to said to do inlet it dry out over night. I had cut back the plant but not as drastic as you suggest and I did not trim the roots back at all. Enjoy your news letter. Yours are so beautiful. The species is a winter grower with thick, knotty succulent stems and feathery foliage. Thanks! Most spring-blooming bulbs need to be exposed to 8-10 consecutive weeks (or more) of winter temperatures that are 7°C or colder. I don’t however love their larvae, the tomato horn worm! But how do I prepare my leggy geraniums for going back outside this spring? Boot Hill, July 2014. I may have to try this!! If I sound sappy, I’ll attribute that to a rainy afternoon and some good chardonnay. I am in SW Colorado (13,800 ft elevation) and my geraniums are quite happy on the deck from mid-June to mid-September. I use a clear bag so I can see the progress. Now center the plant in its pot. Hello from Washington State, Thanks for clarifying for me. Love your blogs and pictures.+. Thanks! I have always wanted blue in my garden, but the blue perrienials are too short lived. I try to buy new geraniums each summer if I see an unusual one to replenish my stock, but I have my old favorites. They are getting leggy, so I like the idea of cutting them back. not now You can keep your beautiful snow in the Hudson valley . It was like having free plants! Sadly, these are becoming rare lately, so propagating them is the only way to guarantee that you will have them from year to year. Thank you so much for the tips on how to do this! Thank you, Behold, for sort of answering my question about pinching for bushiness–I guess Kevin did not see my question or did not think it was worthy of a reply (too bad I am not Joan Crawford!). As usual, Kevin, you are a life saver for those of us on limited gardening budgets, trying to keep our plants alive (fighting fungus with milk is on this afternoon’s agenda) or create new plants from those we have (I am drowning ~ delightfully ~ in African Violet ‘plantlets’, thanks to your tutorial).

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